About Freedom Hill

Pastor Mike Hilson in a recording studio (that looks and feels like a home living room). There is a camera in the foreground, capturing him smiling and getting ready to start teaching a leadership lesson.
A portrait of Curtis Hunnicutt smiling. The background is a forested area with a soft bokeh diffusing the branches. He's wearing a plaid collared shirt.

Our Story

After serving for almost a decade in ministry Pastor Mike Hilson moved in 1999 to Southern Maryland to pastor New Life Wesleyan Church. As the Holy Spirit moved the congregation grew. From that starting group of about 100 people meeting in one service once a week, a network of churches was born. That network grew into church plants, satellite campuses, video venues, and church online. Today through the work of New Life Network and Nueva Vida, in Guatemala, more than 5,000 people hear the Gospel weekly.

In 2015 Pastor Curtis Hunnicutt planted one of the video venues for New Life. Starting with a small launch team Pastor Curtis built the most successful video venue in the network.

These successes led to numerous invitations to teach and coach leaders from multiple regions, states, denominations, and nations.

Pastor Mike Hilson in a recording studio (that looks and feels like a home living room). A boom mic is caught in the shot, ready to record the audio for the leadership lesson.
Curtis Hunnicutt on stage teaching. The photo frames him from the torso up and includes a round table. He is checking his notes before proceeding into the next section.
Curtis Hunnicutt's family, swinging on a white bench swing. The photo is taken from the side, revealing his face as he looks into the eyes of his one year old daughter.

In 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, God began to direct Pastor Mike and Pastor Curtis to move more formally into the work of leadership training and coaching, and from this Freedom Hill was born.

With God's help Pastor Mike and Pastor Curtis will help frustrated and stuck pastors take the journey up Freedom Hill and along the way they will Find and Foster Freedom!

Who we are

Freedom Hill is all about helping leaders find and foster freedom! The call of God to build and expand His Kingdom "on earth as it is in heaven" is the driving motivation for both Mike and Curtis. It is our hope and expectation that leaders will find better ways to think, lead, and succeed in all that God has called them to do!

I get it.

I've Been "There"

My mission is birthed out of decades of trial and error, experiences (both good and bad), and advice from wise mentors. My focus is to help you reach your greatest level of effectiveness. I'm here to walk alongside you and connect you with likeminded leaders.

Ultimately, I want to share the lessons I've learned the hard way so you can implement them the easy way: on the shoulders of those who've gone before you.

I'll do this through my easy coaching process so you get what you need now. I'm also ready to design and launch local conferences to equip your community with the resources it needs.

Personal Integrity

Power comes when our lives are in line with our words. As pastors, we want to see revival in our communities and we believe that revival must start within us so that we can witness it around us.

Deepening Self-Awareness

No one can lead without self-awareness. True self-awareness requires the honest and sometimes painful work of personal assessment. We value pathways to a deeper understanding of self and the freedom of working within our God given gifts and drives.


No one wants to follow a person who has no joy. Joy is a fruit of the Spirit and joy is a command from God. We see this as one of the key attributes of Godly leadership.

Consistent Growth

God always has more work to do within us and that means there's always more work to do around us. We believe in contentment that comes from the Holy Spirit and we believe in a constant desire for more of God.

Mission Progress

God has given each of us a mission. Each mission may look different from the outside, but each has the same goal: the transformation of lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe we all need to make consistent progress in what God has called us to.


No one can lead alone. Powerful leadership requires a community of leaders. We value to creation and expansion of a community of like minded, Kingdom focused leaders who work together for effectiveness, encouragement, and accountability.

You're better in community

Our members have experienced serious growth.

Through our quarterly survey, Freedom Hill members shared the following improvements in their leadership and ministry.

New Connections
Church Growth
More Confident Decisions
More Rested

We're not meant to do ministry alone.